Bella Caio …

the song that lives beyond time, boarders and race

and to my Italian friends who believe that Italy has nothing beautiful to offer any more


and to my Iranian friends who believe there is no standing chance left


and to me a glass of wine while i hear it again and again till dawn, while i try to peacefully dream about Alexandria

Today I am 27 years old

funny … what did i do with all those years?

funny… what will i do with the coming ones?

I haven’t the slightest idea !

in 27  years i lived in 6 countries and in 11 cities a none of which i can call home and at this point of life not sure if i really want a home

in 27 years i got 2 degrees and planing for the 3rd not because I need it but because i am not sure what else i should be doing

27 years old and i am more confused than ever, it is ironic how more confused one gets the more one lives




happy birthday me