A pigeon in my flat

“I must have left the window open” that what I said to myself when i saw a pigeon on the edge of my bath when I came home today
have you ever tried to talk to a pigeon in a sign language … believe you me it is not that simple !

after a while we agreed to divide the flat, it can use the bathroom and i will stay in the living room and we both leave the hallway as a no man\pigeon land

After a while, the Pigeon came up with a bright idea. since it came through the bath window, may be it can leave through it too

life can be a bit less boring .. accidentally

Nina Simon Died today !!

I just knew that Nina Simon died in 2003 !!

I did not know ..  I thought she was alive, breathing and humming but i was wrong.  I feel low for to me she died few moments ago

how amusing that this world can not be more depressing, for seven years she was dead I just did not know

If I die and my soul is lost .. no buddy’s fault but mine

sinner man where you ganna run to  ..  the lord said go to the devil

but i am just a soul who’s intentions are good, Oh lord do not let me be misunderstood