About Me …

My name is Serage, sirjy1

At the moment I work as a software engineer based in London, I am into Embedded systems especially in the early stages of what I call “waking the machine up” … there is nothing like making an ugly piece of plastic (silicon if you insist) to boot up … I need professional help !!

if I would put a short list of my interests in the computer science world it would be something like this:

Embedded Systems – Open source

Computer Architectures

Artificial intelligence

Robotics (wanna be)

As a person who comes from the Middle East, it is not possible to not have sort of a political stand. Personally I am lazy enough that I would identify myself as a Nihilist, but you would come across some socialism here and there in this space

I am also interested in screen writing and I have done some effort in that direction but not as much as I would love to. I do love comics and animation movies, and I hope at some point in my life I will be involved in one of them

I enjoy daydreams; i have enough for lifetimes, in my daydream sometimes  I go to China to study Zen, growing Orange Trees near by Jaffa or having a nice cup of coffee with a suicidal lady just before she shoot herself.

Yep.. I guess that’s enough for now

-todo the Arabic Section of the about page-

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