Duolingo : a new way to learn a new language and more

I have heard about Duolingo from a friend in facebook and I was impressed by the philosophy of the project. I registered to be a beta user and two weeks ago I received an email from the owl telling me that my account is active and I can start trying the website.

Luis von Ahn TedX talk regarding Captcha and Duolingo

A short video explaining the idea behind the project:


At the moment the site offers Spanish, German and French (Beta) for people who know English and English for people who know Spanish. I have started learning Spanish and I feel good about my progress and I am looking forward to see what other languages they will add.

Everyday before I head to work I practice via Duolingo for 20 minutes and now I can order fish and ask for a black pair of shoes. there is a long way to go to be able to read Lorca or Neruda but I am enjoying the ride so far 🙂

The idea that you learn language A by translating the web from language B (which you speak) to language A is amazing and I can say that it is  possible.


Needless to say, it is free 🙂


I have two invites, if you want to give Duolingo a go let me know

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