Libyan National Congress Election in the UK (OCV)

UPDATE: we have created a new website for the Libyan Elections in the UK please Visit


A friend of mine who is helping with OCV (Out of Country Voting) has been in touch with IOM and received the following email

Kindly share the information as much as possible as the deadline is in 2 days


Subject: Introduction of the OCV Country Office in London
Dear Madam or Sir,

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has been asked by the Libyan High National Election Commission (HNEC) to support it as implementing partner in conducting the Out of Country Voting (OCV) for the Libyan 2012 National General Congress Election in six selected countries. For this purpose, IOM has opened an OCV Country Office in London as well as in other places.

The purpose of this email is to introduce the OCV Country Office in London. Our task at this stage is to provide all eligible voters in the UK with all necessary details about the OCV procedures. In this regard, we would much appreciate your support to improve our outreach. Kindly forward this message to everyone to whom it may concern. Alternatively, please provide us with email addresses we should include our mailing list. Please send all addresses or any other feedback, questions or comments you might have related to the OCV to .

We will be also happy to meet Libyan communities in person. If you want us to give a presentation about the OCV procedures at one of your community meetings kindly also contact us at the above email address.

We would also like to inform about the following vacancies in our team: Libyan National Advisor (6 weeks), Public Information and Civic Education Assistant (6 weeks), Trainer (1 month), Telephone Operators (1 month), Registration & Polling Staff (12 days). Please find the Terms of Reference attached. Please send applications no later than 25 May 2012, 12pm, to .

We are looking forward to providing you with further information over the next weeks.

If you no longer wish to receive elections updates please bounce back this email saying “unsubscribe”.


OCV Country Office in London


To read the attachments click on the file you are interested in:

  1. Trainer
  2. Reg and Poll Staff
  3. Libyan national Adviser
  4. Public Education and Civic Education Assistant
  5. Telephone Operator

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