“…the Gods are grumpy but Biri feels light today, Biri has a golden sense of humour and the gods do not get that .. “**

I am late, I am always late and if I die one day I am afraid I will be blamed for dying on the wrong day or in bad time .. but thats is a topic for another day today I am hoping to write about Kolena Laila or Lolita as I secretly call it 🙂

I must admit writing about Lolita today might be a bad idea as i am in sort of a very odd mood these days

Kolena Laila is an online initiative to encourage dialogues focused on Gender issues, a dialogue  by the entire society in the Arab world. The initiative has started in Egypt and now it is spreading out. What i like about Kolena laila is the fact that it is an organic entity that evolves with time and changes as new members (new ideas and new blood) join in and in all that I had the pleasure to be part of this entity and did my very small part  although I was always late for my deadline 🙂

Kolena Laila , the way I see it,  is not exactly a point of view that tries to prove itself in the society but it is simply a group of people who agree on the necessity of opening the gender related issues to a debate, those people who have completely different views and back ground believe that a social development must come from within the society and i believe it is a very healthy phenomena and a very good culture to have, I hope in the future many other problems (and there are too many to count) such as the gender question in the Arab World can learn from Kolena Laila experiment

saying that, this is only my way of seeing it others in the initiative might see it differently 🙂

to know what Kolena laila is and how to help or to oppose it please do click on the image and visit the website, it is available in both English and in Arabic.

*Lolita a controversial Novel by Vladimir Nabokov .. worth reading !!!

** a line from Hussein Barghouti’s  novel “Blue Light” , one of those unknown holy books

2 thoughts on “Lolita*”

  1. Loved the name Lolita 🙂 It happens to be one of my nicknames at school 🙂
    Didn’t know about the novel though..definitely added to the to-read list

  2. Hey Layal,

    it is a lovely name, let me know how you will find Novel

    Really nice to have you here 🙂

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