the absent mind of mine

Walking to work I was smoking like every day, people measure the distance with meters, foot, miles etc. I measure the distance with smoked cigarettes, my average is 4 cigarettes to my office.

anyway today when i was done with my third, I put it in my pocket. It took me a while to realize what I have done, this “while” was enough to create a hole in my Monday pair of jeans and to burn me in a “strategic” place. I am sure people who were passing by were wondering about the smoke coming out of me but ,I guess, they were too polite to ask.

now, I am at work and I sit down and stand up as if I am hiding an erection. he absent mind of mine it will kill me one day, I know that much. but for now I need to look for a new Monday pair of Jeans.

3 thoughts on “the absent mind of mine”

  1. LOL today I found the shampoo in the fridge .. the sad thing about this is the fact that i was not looking for the shampoo, i was looking for my keys
    are you sure you still this kind of mind absence ya Eman.? 🙂

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