Nafusa Mountains Facts Sheet

Working with the Libya Hurra group “from the Nafusa Mountains” gave me an access to some facts in regards to what is happening there.
Here is what have been compiled so far, all the following information comes straight from the ground and verified by different resources. I believe we need to speak for the people of Nafusa Mountains.
–          The financial institutions in Yefren and Algalaa have been closed and there has been no access to cash since February 17th 2011.
–          There has been no electricity, gas and petrol for two months.
–          Between 7000 and 10,000 civilians are trapped in the towns of Yefren and Algalaa, the remainder appx. 40,000 civilians have been displaced to other towns in the Nafusa Mountains, Tripoli and Tunisia prior to the complete siege (Normally, population of Yefren and Algalaa is estimated to be in the range of 170 000 or more including Awiniya and Riyanah, etc).
–          Water wells in Romiya region taken by Gaddafi forces and no water supply to people in Yefren and Algalaa. People now depend on water collected from rain in reservoirs, which is also ending this week and turning to water is contaminated with worms. The reservoirs that have been located by Gaddafi have been contaminated with oil. The Main Water Tank in Saffeet for Yefren and Algalaa has been damaged by missile and has been out of operation for six weeks.
–          No food has entered since the 1st of March, no vegetables, fruits. There is no possibility to get food in and milk to children especially for those under 6 months old. People have been living on Macaroni. Food supplies from warehouses have finished and supplies including spaghetti, oil and tomato are expected to run out in the next two weeks. Souk district has about 80% of supermarkets and food stores and were taken away by Gaddafi forces. Alglaa Souk is mostly for clothes and other thing with smaller food stores.
–          There is no access to medicine or refrigerators to store the medicine (For diabetics, high blood pressure, and heart, vaccination and cancer patients). The temperature is now over 30 degrees. There is also no access to hospital as Yefren hospital taken by Gaddafi snipers. Clinics are inexistent in Yefren and Algalaa and the majority of doctors were foreigners and have fled.
As regards of illnesses, estimates as follows:
1. Diabetics and hypertensive: appx. 500 cases;
2. Epilepsy: about 10 cases;
3. Cardiac problems 50 or more;
4. known civilians that are wounded 30-50 that have no access to treatment (cases included infected wounds; injuries occurred due to shelling of civilian areas and there are those from direct conflict;
5. Cancer: about 10 that require urgent attention for daily dialysis;
6. Leshmania: endemic and it starts in May.
7. Children: diarrhoea, dryness, and other common problems of children, etc;
8. Ladies problems, appx. 50 known miscarriages due to hardship,
9. Others: Psychiatric problems; social problems, family separation, migration, loss of jobs etc
– Abortion cases in women have no access to hospital as Yefren hospital taken by Gaddafi forces
– Wounded people can not be taken out.

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