Guilty pleasures #1

In this series , The Guilty Pleasures Series, I will try, merely try, to bring out to this so called blog a few of those who live inside my head. Now, when I started thinking who I shall let out I thought that I should let those who make the most “sense” but that reduced the number to a big fat Zero. even that this is a very good reason not to choose “sense” it is not the only one. the main reason would be the fact that I hate the word, from it’s spelling passing by it’s pronunciation to it is meaning, these letters when grouped together do not make sense to me .. ahem, well hating the word does not mean i would not use it, also it is worth mentioning that “hypocrisy” is one of my favourite words.

Now, the word “interesting” sounds like a more sensible word to use as a measuring criteria I would say.

so with no further due, allow me with a great pleasure to Introduce:
Sue The Talking Cat
The Zippos the Naughty Noisy Colours,
Mr. Grumpy the wall
Lighter the Suicidal Lamp Post

Coming soon … to a monitor in front of you …

2 thoughts on “Guilty pleasures #1”

  1. LOL, yes me too

    now all we need to do is to find someone to write it for both of us

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