laughing at an empty shower

He knew that there was something fundamentally wrong with him when he realised that every thing is as good as lighting up a cigarette. and spoken words usually are nothing but noise.

that put him in the corner, you see the problem was he could not say what is the definition of “Fundamentally Wrong”, other than it is not the norm as it is not what other people feel like he can not tell what is “Fundamentally Wrong”. in other words it is a matter of statistics to him and that made him think that he has to do something about it ..

he always likes to say ” i am a blind man driving a car in the middle a desert of Asphalt, lost all hope in anything sensible (including understanding the meaning of sensible) and only wish to have an accident”

when she came into his life, I thought that she was the accident he waited for and teased him with my findings but he replied that I was foolish, he actually said that when she told him that she wanted him badly he was imagining Nina Simon having a shower and singing

So you just do what you gotta do
My wild sweet love
Though it may mean that I’ll never kiss
Those sweet lips again
Pay that no mind
Find that dappled dream of yours
Come on back and see me when you can

but Nina Simon was wrong it was never sweet and it felt like lighting up a cigarette, i asked him if he ever went through something with considering its ending before starting it and when he replied asking if that was wrong i did not have much to say

many times I caught him talking to him self, after a while I asked him if he is aware of that and he said that he was aware of it and that I interrupted an interesting conversation with himself to say nothing of importance, I did what any decent person would do, I apologized to both of them and left.

once he said that he can see the hat of Tom Waits poping up of the bath tub every now and then and one day Tom will be brave enough to come out of the tub, tell him that Leonard Cohen is a wanker and they would do friends stuff together.

she finally left him, and I honestly do not blame her I actually think she stayed that long just to prove something to herself like when silly people build the highest tower just to prove that their penises is not that small. When she told him she was leaving all he did was looking to shower and laughed at it then he lighted up a cigarette, at least that what she told me later

although I did what was required from a decently social person to comfort another, I honestly could not care less about her at that moment, all what I wanted to know was what he was laughing in the shower, did Tom Waits come out of the tub and if so what did they do?

2 thoughts on “laughing at an empty shower”

  1. Man, I read this thing 3 times, hoping now, with a free mind, I would get it. But no. Nothing. I don’t get what the heck are u saying.
    I think is the over-usage of pronouns: I get lost in too many he and she without a proper name.

  2. you see I never read it before, I only wrote it 😛

    I can see what you mean, it needs some fixing , might do it over the weekend

    cheers man

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