Silly Jack

Man, Jack does not smoke French cigarettes
poor guy, his dream is to die in a car accident

what ever or where ever we come from, all that we do is to escape from it. In fact the whole planet , the whole galaxy can be described as an escaping ship .. to stick where you belong you must to be as stupid as a tree

once upon a time, Jack hated music and loved numbers. Once upon a another time, Jack, somehow the same Jack, hated numbers and loved music. Back and forth till he could not give a shit anymore

Look at the so called miracle of birth,the first escape if you ask me, we were in our mom’s belly, part of that body, then we grow a consciousness and had the urge to run away .. tell me something do you think if my arm grow a consciousness it will stay attached to my body, HA !, it will be like those arms in the horror movies of the 80s and I will be screaming my head off trying to stop the bleeding or may i will try to kill it, you know, kill my own arm … I do not know man, if you think about it I might even breast feed it. Do you think arms like milk?

when Jack goes mad, Jack goes all the way. I questioned his state of mind when he told me about his fight with a tree. He told me that he lost that fight because the tree cheated, I said nothing.

.. these Idiots, they call what we are experiencing “LIFE !!”. tell me ,if you may, what does this word mean.. ha ? .. I think it is one of those stupid labels, like Wednesday or like 12PM or £4.99.. Just another label. to explain what we are in by LIFE is like using the sign language to explain RED to a blind man ..

silly Jack, he would describe a remotely possible scenario for his death and then he would say “C’est Si Bon”.

.. I prefer my broken English, this way it is easier to be misunderstood ..
silly Jack, Old tired Jack

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