The Emperor’s New Mind

y1pyovlfhggot7nf96v6jddea57ayvhml9e1nbpj-dxjfenwfmfztar5qIt has been a while for anything to leave me wordless, amused and feeling sort of satisfaction. The Emperor’s New Mind is a must to read book.

The book is not new and it has been in my mind for while now but did not get to it till recently when friend bought it for me, although I am still in the first few pages but I am enjoying it to the extent of missing my bus stops.

I would love to write a post on it later when I am done with it but thought to share just in case that post is lost in my endless to-do list (the list starts with learning Spanish to exploring the south pole passing by having sex with Monica Bellucci)

The book is asking if the Machine can be aware of itself (the Ultimate question in the Artificial Intelligence science), although this might sound a Computing related question, it is in fact a very debatable Philosophical question, I believe that AI will exist one day (some people say within 50 years we will have to expand the human rights declaration to include none Biological forms of intelligence). The book is arguing against that.

Penrose is a not only a great Physicist and Mathematicians but in fact a great Philosopher who dare to go deep in areas where others do not dare to pass by.

Last thing, I believe this book should be translated to Arabic.

7 thoughts on “The Emperor’s New Mind”

  1. So, will you write first the post about the book upon finishing it,or you will have sex with Monica Bellucci before?

    Good taste by the way 😉

  2. Good taste … LOL
    i hope we are still talking about Monica Bellucci here 😛

    how you doing it has been a while 🙂

  3. Well, I meant the lady of course 🙂 but seems the book is not bad at all too

    I am surviving, might be in UK soon (keeping my fingers crossed for that of course)

    How was the camping?

    Great day 😉

  4. Hey thats great news, when you coming? and where in the UK? the usual list of questions! you know

    Camping was great 🙂

  5. If I get the scholarship am waiting for like nothing, I iwll be coming for my Masters in Special Education in Oxford, Lady Margret Hall College. The semester starts on Oct 5th,so should be there the last third of September.If any of this happens, I will spend the eid wz family and fly there directly 😀
    Any thing I missed in the usual list of questions?

    Glad u had good time lately, some one is at least 😀

  6. LOL
    well thats informative enough for now 🙂
    keep me posted and good luck with the scholarship

  7. So, it is oficial now! I got the only award to Oxford this year 😀

    will be coming to Uk end of Sept. as arranged before, please don’t bother getting fer2et hasballa to welcome me 😉

    let me know how can i contact u as am there, or maybe a bit before, u know: in case i needed some advice 🙂

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