A colorful world

Once upon a time there were a world of colors, each color has his own country, an endless number of countries existed in that funny world, even in the same country there were level of the same colors, each country were so proud of their own color that, they all wanted to convince other people that their color is the most beautiful, this convincing take place from the beginning of the colors existence, some time it was peaceful but most of the time it was war. Some colors were lost from this world and new colors started to exist which is normal in such a restless world, funny people from this world called it the mixer which in it each color exist only if it can exist.

I remember once the red color fought against the blue color for years and the managed to change some of the blue country to red, after centuries the blue country started a war against the red not to return their land because they forgot it was theirs once but just to expand, just because they could start a war, what was ironic the sons of the blue people who are now red were the most aggressive in fighting back their cousins, the most bleeding wars are which take place between cousins, and that was just an instance of this colorful world history.

After centuries of war between all colors these colors came up with a very intelligent idea, it was simply let us all sit down and talk, they did but all of them were so proud of their own color they did not come out with any result, they sit again and again and again but they go to war every time they talk.

And then once some people from some countries sat together and decided that colorty is the problem of their world and came up with an original idea, they became colorless. That idea lived in there own minds for sometime ,then trying to convince other people from different colors to join them and with time they become another color forming a new country of their own, so another country joined the mixer, they thought they were unique to reject all other colors, but what was ironic they used the same principle all other colors used “reject all others” and this world kept going and going.

Then once the orange country were so powerful, so they decided the war of weapons is not enough, they understood that to break other colors they have to break their pride, and the war entered a new era, the orangies sat with other colors to convince them the only way out to a better world is to have only one color and since we can not delete each other let us mix with each other and create a one unified color, most of the color agreed some because of fear and others because of greed but none for the common interest of the colorful world, and those voices who said “creating a new color is not the solution, it is just canceling some colors for the favor of others we have enough colors already!!” with time were silenced since there were no other solution visible for the colorful world.

Few light years away of the colorful world there were two aliens talking one of them said “how sad to destroy your beauty” the other said “who does not know his qualities does not deserve to keep these qualities”. They were watched their screen which displays a very colorful world that look like a mixer.

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