A Healthy amount of madness

+it is all about salt you see. stop .. stop you thats enough, now Sniff it !!

– hehehehehe Sniff it heheheheheh .. OK here i go, 1.. 2… 3….



-thats EAAA !!! Fuck Fuck Fuck ha haaa haaa that burns man!!!

+HEHEHEH HOHOHOHO HEHEHE fucking hell man !!!! you sniffed salt !!! YOU hehehehe SNIFFED Sa… HEHHEHEHE

-Ah Ah fuck man fuck !! you… fuck fuck!! hehehehe it burns … Aha now it is your turn you bastard !!!

+OK ok ok … enough!!! you dick face !! ENOUGH!!!

– hehehehe now you sniff you bastard 1… 2 ….

+ wait !! wait .. hehehehehe ok here we go …. wait, wait … is it really that bad

-come on you pussy !!

+ hehehehehe ok ok 1.. 2.. 3. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!


+ haaaa Aouee… يلعن ابو عاااااااااا


+ولك …. shit man!!! is that blood? .. fuck!!

– hehehehe let me see, let me see ….oh! … fuck man that blood hehehehe!!

+i need to sit down damn it !! it burns !!! … dude you bleeding too

-hehehehehe yeah ?! i will sit down too

+man i feel my is popping out

– hehehehe you will live


+ well now what ?

-i do not know dude … you are the guy with ideas but No more salt and No more sniffing

+i do not know man, may be we should call it a night and go home or a Hospital hehehehehehehe did you stop bleeding?

– yeah …want some beer thats the last two…

+yeah … is not that nice eih ? on the roof of 12 floor building drinking beer and sniffing salt hehehehe

– damn right … it can not get any better, let finish those and go home..

+are not we supposed to meet Laura and Erica ?? hehehehe

– dude … in a parallel universe we did, we had a nice meal some good wine and it was fucking boring hehehehe

+yeah so boring we rather sniff salt hehehehe… oh man we are 26 we should not be doing this eih…

– what 26 ? talk about your self as for me i am proud to be a fucked 29 years old punk …

+ the generation of Fungus… as Darweesh once said “all there to happen has happened” …. nothing left for us to do, we are the fungus on the wall of history
the generation of Fun…

– Dude!! dude!!!! can you be less Arab please!!!

+hehehehe i am afraid it is a Chronic Disease … Yalla !! lets go home !!

One thought on “A Healthy amount of madness”

  1. Indeed, it’s chronic.
    But that’s not a Disease: it’s what makes some people special (and different) from the others.

    Madness is just a choice: your, of someone else or… of the Faith. And I don’t believe in Faith.

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