Are we there yet?

“Are we there yet?” Do we remember this question we as children used to ask, at some point we used to hear “yes we are!!” but now on this spaceship called Earth I am not sure if such an answer is valid.
This amazing ship that we lived on since before time does not have a place to such a question, it even does not have a place of a more important question which is “is there “there”?” it is not possible because we have no one to ask such a question, here comes the most powerful and the most dangerous human feature it is IMAGINATION, we allow ourselves to imagine a purpose of this long trip in the cosmos, it is relief to have such a purpose whatever it is.
As for me I would say this purpose is harmony, but before I finish my words anther question slap me in the face it is “is it possible?” here I say I hope which leads as to another important human feature it is HOPE, I would say that all purpose believer can not believe without hope.
I believe in civilization I believe that someday we will be able to understand ourselves and to rewrite our human heritage, I believe that some day no human will be naked or hungry, I believe that someday blood will be taboo and medicine is free as the air, I believe that we will be able to drive our spaceship safely I believe and believe and believe. But as any believer my faith is based on imagination and hope, and until I find somebody to answer me if asking “are we there yet?” is valid or not, I will cry loudly we are not there yet!!!!

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