Her Akşam Vodka Rakı ve Şarap

The Lyrics in English  :

I’m drunk,oh, because I think too much
I’m dead, oh, because of love
every evening raki, vodka and wine
one loses his mind, one is ruined
save me from this, oh lord
please let this terrible illusion stop
I’m finished,oh, because I think too much
I’m tired,oh, because of love …

please note the translation is not perfect as it the product of Google translate and my common sense (unfortunately I do not speak Turkish)

“Her Akşam Vodka Rakı ve Şarap” is an old Turkish song the singer of this version is Dario Moreno and I think he is the original singer, I have to admit that finding information about this song is not an easy task.

the video is from one of  my favourite  Turkish movies in the recent years The Market: A Tale of Trade directed by Ben Hopkins who also made a documentary called 37 Uses for a Dead Sheep which is awesome as well!!

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