In the name of wine

in the name of wine she dances, on another Square meter of my blood. i can not see her face, and the shadows create a vicious urge. from where i watch , a peer to her is unthinkable.

turning her a bit to the right, then a bit to the left, by moving my arm,the one with the bleeding vein and an other square meter flees me for her to dance in the name of wine

painting for her a dance floor in red..

there is few more square meters to flee ….. in the name of wine

2 thoughts on “In the name of wine”

  1. مجدداً: ملعون انت

    مش معقول شو هالصورة اللي رسمتها كلماتك ببالي

    بصحتك, وعلى اسم احلى رقصة و اغلى نبيذ

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