I do not why sir? …. humm …. I …. I .. I am dreaming in English

yes I have lived here for long time but till last week they were not in English

yes it is different!!!
OH I see……. so it my Subconscious …… do you say this to all of your clients …. sorry i meant your patients

Identity crisis my ASS I told you before I do not even know what identity suppose to mean

No I don’t know whom I am , I just know that i exist

Actually I do not care!!

well, consider it my gift, now you can tell your friends you have seen somebody who is so tired to care

I have not lost faith I am just questioning the word’s meaning

Ha is that so

well, if you tell me that i am just passing through a phase in which I am living for 7 years I have to be sarcastic

why am I here you ask, I believe the question is why do I pay to be here! Well, because you are slightly better than a mirror

do I talk to mirrors?? HA!!! No sir I do not have a multiple personality disorder

Ha no i did not study Psychology is our 50 minutes up?

ok than i shall see you next week and then you might have an answer for my English speaking dreams or we might talk about your mother

here is your sessions fees……….. Send my regards to SIGMUND FREUD !!!

Yeah I do not care I am leaving I wasting your time

why would you want to know more about my dreams

you have nothing better to do !!!! … heh …. finally an honest answer!!!

I dreamt about home but it was all colored in red , shadows of redness and the people waking around with holes in their chests, in the same place where the heart should be, no life in their eyes. One of them opened his mouth and a small flies went out flying forming a dark red cloud, the cloud flow away to the horizon while looking at the cloud I saw many other clouds flying, i walked with the poeple to see where they were going because I could not ask them, I was scared if I open my mouth flies will come out…………hehehehehe…….. That was the reason I did not touch my chest if I found a hole I would lost my mind……hehehehehe…….. It was a dream but if I lost my mind there I am sure I would not get it back when I wake up

where they were marching to??!!…. I do not know how I would describe………it was a machine A HUGE ONE LARGER THAN THE LONDON BRIDGE…..huh…… it was close to the sea it was in the beach where waves were as red as blood

well i guess they gave their blood there………….I went inside to see what is going in there they gave their arms as if they are donating blood to an ambulance the funny thing what came out of their arms was a dry dust ….. Red dust it went through a pipe that goes trough the see….. I don’t know where it ends .hehehehehehe it was a dream you know…….. after I saw that I run, I did want to know if I have red dust in vines , I run away no body stopped me, I told you no life in their eyes run and run then I woke up I was laying down in my bed so tired but so scared to sleep again ……………………………………. you know what i did not see in my dream …. Hum…. CHILDREN I DID NOT SEE A SINGLE CHILD ………………. the funny thing is I could not hear a single voice but I still insist that the silence was in English how and why it was in English i don’t know

before you continue your fancy question NO I DID NOT HAVE THIS DREAM BEFORE!!!

yes it was about my home

HAH i did not say i have no IDENTITY i said i don’t understand what THE WORD is ahhhh is our time up yet

ok then I am leaving but before I go isn’t it funny that the only thing bothers me is that the dream was in ENGLISH please do not say a word!!


  1. Nice one!
    Remindes me (don’t ask me why) of the dream of Salim Sinai about the green/black widow killing the children, in Salman Rushis Roman “Midnight’s Children”

    Nice to read you again

  2. هلا يوبا
    شكراعلي الإطراء أخجلتم تواضعنا

    مسكتني لسه الإسبوع اللي فات إشتريته للكتاب بس و شرف العذراء اللي لستها عذراء حتي بعد ولادته لسه ما قريتو

    مبسوط لزيارتك

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