4 thoughts on “Les Vieux”

  1. Samaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar !!!! (I just had to many coffees and cigarettes )
    it is great, Jacques Brel work is just divine

    kifo ?

  2. jacques Brel kifo??
    ma ttasal feyyi :p

    ma aznakhni. lol

    The lyrics are amazing.
    I was telling amal yesterday that i wish i was the one who wrote them. lol.

    keef cambridge?.

    ah.. ma ttaslat feek? :p

    ok khalas.

  3. the same thought passed by my head, why the hell i did not write these lines

    as for Cambridge it is great 🙂 you should come and Visit and if you are lucky you might see Harry Potter 😛

    as for Zana7’a, go pick Amal up both of you jump of some building please 😛

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