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I have not written here for so long that I wonder if it is worth keeping a blog. there are far too many topics to write about but lately I feel like a dry well, no matter how much it rains it stays waterless.

every now and then I have a “to write list” but I never keep my promises. Today I would like to share with you my latest “to write list”. may be one day I will go through it and do something about it.

To Write List:

1- the Internet States (short story)

A short story based on an imaginary world in which virtual (on line) states became part of the pop culture. the story is a reflection on the dynamic definition of “Identity” and the evolution of the language in parallel to that. I wish it to be a dark comedy. I did not work much on it, I only have the basic idea of the story and that you can upgrade your identity using the iDentity application

2-  War and Peace

A series of satire articles about the current political affairs in the Arab World and the region.

3-YAWAHAN (a long short story)

After I have reading Camus’s “outsider” and Sartre’s “nausea”, I always thought that a third story is needed. I do not dare claiming that I would write something that can be compared to Camus’s or Sartre’s writing. Yawahan is ,simply, a suggestion of what I wish someone else have written.

4- the League of the Pathetics  (a series of short stories)

A series of short stories written by a clinically depressed  author, his (or her,  gender is not decided yet) aim of writing these stories is to feel better about herself\himself by toying with the characters in a cruel way but sometimes the stories get developed in manner that distress or pleases the author in unexpected ways. I have few thoughts to kick of the series but have not written a word yet.

5- rewrite “the undertaker of Baghdad” (a Play)

to those who do not know, this was a script I have written for a couse I a screen writing couse I took sometime ago, I wish to rewrite it as a play but never got the chance to do so.

6- “an ungodly hour” (a series of short stories)

the stories are in a near future world in which the scientific advances lead to ability of capturing the consciousness of dead people, that lead to a human made judgment day and a human made hell and heaven.

so this is my list and who knows, I might do something about someday 🙂

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