Snap shots

Snap shots
1. A friend of mine and myself were discussing if humanity will pass this stage or not, I were saying that we are passing through a teenage era where civilization will be more decent and mature, he was saying that civilization is a bacteria culture, our existence is only based on needs satisfaction, we are not more than bacteria, although his words contain a some reason, I could not accept it, he said that I am bacteria with ego.

2. Few days ago I were walking late in the city centre, I saw an old lady sleeping on the street, I just passed and kept walking without taking a second look, until now I cant take her off my head, asking myself what was she dreaming of, was it a piece of bread or roof, was it love or security? Whatever it was I hope it was a nice as change in her daily program.

3. A friend of mine and myself were discussing which is more important to ask why or to ask how, after hours he convinced me that how is the important thing and when I stood up to leave, I asked him why do we ask how ?

4. What is beauty? I wonder!

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