time to talk serious, time to talk FOOD !!

unknow dish
unknown dish

last night i came home with a friend and i had this master plan to cook “THE PERFECT DISH” a dish that is so good it will fight crime, while thinking that i have released that titling some food by THE PERFECT DISH is due to brain damage caused by watching too many idealistic cartoons in my early years

unknow dish
unknown dish

while my friend was wondering if anyone has cooked what i was describing to him (let alone if i have cooked it before) i was having my own doubts but it turned out alright … well a bit salty and the rice was more like mashed potatoes than rice but other than that the main dish was not bad at all but it was not the PERFECT DISH yet,i guess crime will have to wait for a while 🙁

now i am feeling hungry again, it is good to know i have brought some of it for lunch today

any suggestions to name this thing will be appreciated 🙂

4 thoughts on “time to talk serious, time to talk FOOD !!”

  1. LOL
    yeah at some point i will have to document it as well 🙂

    come to Cambridge and i will make, how about that for a deal ?

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