Today I am 27 years old

funny … what did i do with all those years?

funny… what will i do with the coming ones?

I haven’t the slightest idea !

in 27  years i lived in 6 countries and in 11 cities a none of which i can call home and at this point of life not sure if i really want a home

in 27 years i got 2 degrees and planing for the 3rd not because I need it but because i am not sure what else i should be doing

27 years old and i am more confused than ever, it is ironic how more confused one gets the more one lives




happy birthday me

7 thoughts on “Today I am 27 years old”

  1. Cheers man, missing you and the third idiot loads 🙂

    will get a mic soon and have one of those time wasting 5 hours chatting about nothing sessions 🙂

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