well, here we are!

so far  so good …

looking forward to try the Editor in Arabic, still few issues i need to solve such as the embedded songs from box.net and other little tweaking ..

anyway … so far so good

5 thoughts on “well, here we are!”

  1. I like the theme.
    It suites you very well 😉

    Let’s see if you manage to write more in English, so you can have another fun! 😉

  2. Mabrouk for the move, though I have to say I miss the grey mood and the silly photo ypu had on the old blog

    Hope we will be seeing more of your writings here as there is more ink-not that you will need it for typing on a keyboard- hope it will be so good all the way

  3. @A7mar: LOL
    the truth is i enjoy the extra control you would have here in the wordpress but to be honest i am starting to regret the moving

    El mohem Keifak enat ?

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