Yes my dear, i do have feelings for you

yes my dear, i do have feelings for you.

they come in all shapes and sizes, the colour of the season is purple but we always have a stock of reds if you wish i can show you in the warehouse

yes my dear, our feelings are man made and guaranteed for a season not more, it is a safety policy that limits our warranty

our feelings comes cheaper by the dozen and once you try our feelings you will never come back for refund.

oh yes my dear, we have one sizes fits all feelings, we have disposables feelings and reusable feelings we even have second hand feelings those are cheaper and as good as new if you ask me

oh yes my Dear, i am sure we can find what you are looking for here, are we looking for something specific today ?

wise choice my dear, it comes with a bit bitterness i must say.

you do, Brilliant! would you like some thing else as an extra flavor. i would suggest a bit of self-victimization it will make the mix more fulfilling even with time.

you can shoose your color, good choice Dear !! it is a classy choicy

you only need to be careful when washing them. low temperature to keep the vividness of the colors

brilliant! all i need now is when where and how you wish it to be delivered and we are ready to prepare you order of feelings.

thank you my dear, have a nice day !

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